Students Corner



House, the root of belonging where a child feels himself the safest and the strongest is the best place to learn and be molded for the best. It is one such temple home where the mind is at peace and so learning is secured in the most efficient way. Thus, the same has been brought forth in our Shannen School to provide our children an opportunity for shining the brightest.

Moreover a large family needs to be bifurcated allowing each child to enhance their abilities as per his space, interest, talent and abilities. So, a House System has been followed in our school dividing each child in a group that equals to his family.

These houses have been named Aakash, Agni, Prithvi and Trishul after the five nature elements that were emphasized by Mr. A P J Abdul Kalam too while highlighting his missiles. These house names have been preferred to imbibe equally powerful qualities

Agni (Red House)

It emphasizes for igniting the inner natural will to aspire for the highest knowledge. It also promotes purity of character and the holiness of thoughts.

Aakash (Blue House)

It emphasizes on the saying that the sky has no limits. Students should provide their aims an unlimited space to succeed.

Prithvi (Green House)

It emphasizes to value our roots. It also promotes struggle and being at peace with oneself while aspiring for our desires.

Trishul (Yellow House)

It emphasizes self control over evil thoughts, deeds and action that can become a hindrance to the positive achievement. It also promotes passion to win and become the leaders of life.

Hence, all together our houses promote good behavior to do the work at its best. It also gives students an identity and a sense of pride in a supportive and secure environment.

Students Council Body

A well Knit team of senior students put the discipline in place at STWS. Be it the everyday monitoring of students discipline or the annual events even giving their suggestion or inputs for certain policy matter the student council is ever enthusiastic.

The strength of the teamwork is evident in the way the student council and teachers helps in the day-to-day functioning of the school.