Students Corner



The schooling culture provides wonderful supportive method for overall development of the students. The aim behind is to provide identity, pride feeling of belongingness in scholastic & co- scholastic areas. It creates competition, promotes good work, good behavior, encourages, team work, and provides opportunities, to take on responsibilities, togetherness and bonding among students. Students are encouraged to score points for their performance in an excellent way.

Why Birds?

At Shannen School the houses are named on birds names. The reason behind it is that Birds always fly high without any restriction and reaches the destination. Here, in our School we provide students an open sky to open their wings and fly high focusing on their ambition and aspirations.

Names of the houses are Red- Falcon, Blue - Hawk, Green - Kestrel, Yellow-Eagle

Red- Falcon

This bird is genus; signifies wisdom, vision and protection. It is a symbol of freedom, superiority and aspiration strength. So red house can be inspired and inculcate all these qualities and get assured success in their future life.

Blue – Hawk

A good quality of this bird is that it has higher vision to complete tasks make important decisions. It represents our ability to lead others. It is associated with strong vision sees things clearly and gain confidence. From this bird, student can learn powerful lessons and become highly ambitious, Confident with strong vision and ability to lead peer groups.

Green – Kestrel

Bird with spirit and power of hunting instincts, amazing level of accuracy, driving from their perch. It waits for the right time to strike with patience. It has great speed, sharp senses, alertness, vigilance and protecting skills. The Kestrel house must learn to catch all qualities of this bird and explore.

Yellow - Eagle

A very large, powerful built bird. It has strong legs, a symbol of beauty, bravery, courage, honour, pride, determination and grace. Student of this house can have all these qualities to build their future strong.

Students Council Body

In order to address the issues of concern, maintain discipline and organize student events in the school, a group of students are elected for the smooth running of school. It’s an extracurricular activity for the students that build their leadership skills.

The strength of the teamwork is evident in the way the student council and teachers helps in the day-to-day functioning of the school.